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Become part of the vaping lifestyle by coming to Exscape Smoke Shop & Vapor Lounge. Unlike traditional cigarettes, a vaporizer heats up dried herbs so they release an aromatic vapor that doesn't contain any of the toxic chemicals that make smoking a health hazard.

Vapor is a cleaner and more efficient alternative to smoking and incensing because phyto-inhalation is the best way to inhale plant-based materials. Incensing involves carbonization that produces toxic byproducts, including solid particles and gasses.

On the other hand, a vaporizer directs hot air (in a process called convection) through the plant material so the components create a vapor.

Don't put dangerous chemicals into your body - come to Exscape Smoke Shop & Vapor Lounge. Once you step inside our front doors, you'll wonder why you didn't stop by sooner!

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Exscape Smoke Shop & Vapor Lounge has been the preferred store in the area for the past two decades with a wide selection of e-cigarettes, liquids and vaporizers. We work hard to be your go-to source for vaping information and products.

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Quit Smoking Traditional Cigarettes Now

If you're looking for ways to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, e-cigs and vaporizers are popular alternatives. Vaporizes have become more popular over the past couple of years and feature forced air and convection heating systems, premium titanium and ceramic coils, as well as improved batteries to give you all the vaping power you need. Choose from our extensive collection of:

•Desktop vaporizers
•Portable vaporizers
•Vape pens
•Dry herb vapes
•Wax pens
•Multi-use vaporizers
•And other related products

After you've found your vape, choose from hundreds of flavors or customize your own unique e-juice with the pros at Exscape Smoke Shop and Vapor Lounge. Stop by one of our nine locations in New York today!